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MiCBT Therapist Training

All listed therapists have completed one or more courses listed below with a trainer accredited by the MiCBT Institute:

MiCBT Foundation Course
The therapist has completed an intensive an 8/10 week training that involves practising and applying all the therapy components to their own life. The therapist has first hand personal experience of the skills they teach to clients.
MiCBT Applied Course
The therapist has completed a 10-week training course in the application of the entire MiCBT programme with individual clients or groups. The course involves implementing all therapy components to clients with various difficulties under guidance and supervision by experts in the field.
MiCBT Residential Retreat
The therapist has completed a 5-day residential training in the application of the entire MiCBT programme with clients with addiction and trauma. This also involved a combination of silent retreat and formal mindfulness meditation daily, case conceptualisation and more advanced design of treatment plans.
Graduate Diploma of MiCBT The therapist has completed all of the above plus extra formal studies in Mindfulness-integrated CBT and has acquired a sound understanding and the necessary skills to implement it confidently in their clinical work with individual clients and groups in various settings and with a wide range of mental health clients.