MiCBT Certification Assessment Application

Our certification program is designed to encourage excellence in MiCBT. MiCBT Certification is evidence of your expertise in the use of MICBT in therapy.
When you embark on MiCBT Certification, you undertake training to improve and refine your skills in MiCBT to the highest level.

The following steps are to be completed BEFORE you apply for certification assessment

1. Complete the following core MiCBT Institute courses: 
- MiCBT Foundation Course
- MiCBT Applied Course  

2. Complete 12 individual supervision/mentorship sessions    

3. Complete 6 MiCBT Masterclasses  

4. Attend 1 MiCBT-Institute 5-Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat  

5. Attest to the following:  
- I have implemented MiCBT with 8 individual clients  OR  I have implemented MiCBT with 2 individual clients and 2 groups
- I have implement MiCBT with at least 1 complex client
- I have completed 12 individual supervision/mentorship sessions

Certification Assessment Application Form 

Contact Information

We require an email address and phone number so we can communicate with you about your application. We never share this information with anyone else. Privacy Policy

 I confirm that I am a registered and currently practising mental health professional


Please confirm by checking the boxes that you have completed the required conditions for certification

 I have completed 12 individual supervision/mentorship sessions

 I have completed minimum 6 MiCBT Masterclasses

 I have attended a 5-day Mindfulness Residential Retreat

Billing Address

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Payment Information

Certification Fee is $AUD 390. This includes administration and handling fee AUD$90 
and assessment fee AUD$300.

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