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  • Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Principles and PracticeMindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Principles and Practice

    Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Principles and Practice

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    ISBN: 978-1-119-99625-5 | April 2011 | Wiley-Blackwell | 318 Pages

    Mindfulness-integrated CBT: Principles and Practice represents the first set of general principles and practical guidelines for the integration of mindfulness meditation with well-documented and newly developed CBT techniques to address a broad range of psychological dysfunctions.

    • The first book to provide a strong rationale and general guidelines for the implementation of mindfulness meditation integrated with CBT for a wide range of psychological difficulties.
    • Incorporates ancient Buddhist concepts of how the mind works, while remaining firmly grounded in well-documented cognitive and behavioural principles
    • Provides new insights into established understanding of conditioning principles.
    • Includes a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, week-by-week instructions for professionals to facilitate application of the therapy, along with case examples and the inspiring stories of former clients.  

    The incorporation of mindfulness training with traditional CBT techniques is proving an invaluable therapeutic approach for many psychological disorders and other general wellness issues. Mindfulness-integrated CBT represents the first set of general principles and practical guidelines for the integration of mindfulness meditation with well documented CBT techniques. Bruno Cayoun, the principal developer of Mindfulness-integrated CBT, shares insights and knowledge garnered from eight years of implementation and modifications to his innovative therapeutic approach by offering a carefully structured guide to implementing an effective MiCBT program. He also reveals how the features may be flexibly interchanged with individual or group delivery according to client conditions and progress.

    Bridging philosophies and sciences of the East and West with sophistication, clarity, and precision, Mindfulness-integrated CBT offers enriching guidance to enhance the lives of clients across a wide range of psychological difficulties.

    Book Reviews:

    “This book is a wonderful achievement, bringing together the best of behavioural and cognitive science with the wise insights from Buddhist teachings; a wonderful contribution to the literature." J. Mark G. Williams, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Wellcome Principal Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, UK, co‐author of ‘Mindfulness‐based Cognitive Therapy for Depression: A new approach to preventing relapse’.

    "Bruno Cayoun is a man who practises what he preaches, and this is evident in his writing. Mindfulness-integrated CBT is comprehensive, clear, practical, and easily assessable. Integrating sound theory (both Eastern and Western) and grounded in solid research, it gently and informatively guides the reader through its step-by-step applications. A mindful breath of fresh air for the world of therapy, it promises to enhance the lives of our clients...and ourselves." George W. Burns, Clinical Psychologist, Senior Adjunct Lecturer at Edith Cowan University, Australia, Director of the Milton H. Erikson Institute of Western Australia and the Hypnotherapy Centre of Western Australia, author of 'Healing with Stories'.

    "A brilliant integration of Buddhism into CBT. It is heart‐warming from my side to see the depth of change which is possible with MiCBT. The integration of Buddhism with MiCBT is incredibly skilful. The book has the capacity to benefit so many, directly both therapists and clients, and countless others indirectly.” Tenzin Chönyi (Diana Taylor), Psychotherapist and Buddhist meditation teacher, Vajrayana Institute, Sydney, Australia, author of ‘Enough! A Buddhist Approach to Finding Release From Addictive Patterns’.

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