MiCBT Interest Group - Melbourne and Online

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Melbourne MiCBT Interest Group has been meeting monthly since 2009. We usually do some meditation practice, have a peer support session and discuss a topic or research of interest to the group. 

We have recently started to use Zoom to enable members to attend who are unable to attend in person. This means that we can open the meeting to people from further afield. 

If you are interested in attending any of the meetings (3rd Thursday of each month from 7-9pm), please get in touch

Sarah Francis (Sally) and Boyd Cowley

MiCBT in Japan

Thursday, July 20, 2017

MiCBT Trainer Mikako Naito with a group of registrants from last weekend's MiCBT Workshop which was held in Tokyo, Japan. Mikako is the cofounder of the Japanese Chapter of the MiCBT Institute - see their new website here:

2017 Melbourne MiCBT Interest Group - Peer Support Day and Weekend Retreat

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Campion Retreat Centre Kew

Date: Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November

The Melbourne MiCBT Interest Group has organized peer support retreats for the last two years and we are organizing one again this year. We invite clinicians trained in MiCBT to join.

The Campion Centre is an urban retreat centre that provides comfortable accommodation (single rooms and shared bathrooms) and delicious vegetarian meals. Here is the proposed program:

Day 1 - Friday 3rd November- Peer Supervision and Practice Day

Times:               9am to 4pm

Program:            The day will include Peer Supervision Groups and Group Mindfulness Practice

Cost:                  $125-00 (includes a simple lunch)

Days 2 and 3 - MiCBT Weekend Retreat

Date:                 Friday 3rd November, 6pm start to Sunday 5th November, 3.30 completion

Program:            The retreat includes three main components - Mindful Meditation, MiCBT applications with clients, support in managing our personal practice. The majority of the time is spent in meditation practice.

Cost:                 $370-00 (includes food and accommodation)

Combining the Workshop and Retreat:

We would like to encourage you to participate in both the workshop and the retreat.  The cost for attending both is $450.

The Melbourne MiCBT Interest Group is a self-funded group formed simply for the purposes of facilitating peer support for MiCBT practitioners. The retreat costs are determined by the Campion Centre charges plus the cost of a deposit.

Sally and Boyd

Stress Reduction and Mindfulness - UTAS

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Starting Monday! A great opportunity to learn about different methods to reduce stress.
The mindfulness modules are taught by Dr Cayoun, with other modules taught by experts in their field.

Learn to stress less.

Stress Reduction and Mindfulness is a unit offered within the Associate Degree in Health and Community care. It will introduce students to the principles of stress reducing practices including mindfulness, gratitude, positive psychology, goal setting, creativity, physical exercise and conflict resolution through a series of learning tasks and practical exercises. Activities based on these principles have been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms, increase resilience, enhance cognitive performance (e.g., concentration and memory), improve study and work performance and overall wellbeing. Students will learn key skills to better understand stress triggers and learn to manage stress more effectively.

icon-PCOnline: Stress Reduction and Mindfulness is a fully online unit to enable flexible study.

icon-PCHECS scholarships may be available: This means for eligible domestic students you will not be charged tuition fees for undertaking this unit. Students may also be eligible for a SSAF exemption. *For full terms and conditions please view the Fees and Scholarships page.

Unit Objectives

On successful completion of this unit you will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of the role and value of stress reduction research and practices in promoting the health and welfare of individuals and communities.
  • Retrieve and apply evidence from a range of sources to critically evaluate the impact of stress reduction practices on health.
  • Document, evaluate and reflect on your experience applying stress reduction techniques in a personal healthcare context.

To take advantage of this opportunity students will need to be enrolled in the Associate Degree in Health and Community Care. After completing Stress Reduction and Mindfulness, the opportunity exists to undertake further units within the Associate Degree in Health and Community Care. Students undertaking units within the Associate Degree in Health and Community Care are eligible for a HECS Scholarship and SSAF exemption on a maximum of two eligible units. Eligible units can be viewed here.

MiCBT for Trauma Half Day Workshop CCLP Handout

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Here is the pdf of Dr Bruno Cayoun’s presentation slides for psychologists who attended his specialised workshop (MiCBT for Trauma) at the Annual Conference of the APS’ College of Clinical Psychologists, on Sunday 2 July.