Mind & Its Potential 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015

27 & 28 October 2015 | The Concourse, Chatswood, Sydney

Not long ago, science had the notion that the capacity of the brain was fixed. We had what we were born with and past early adulthood, it was all downhill. However, the science of neuroplasticity has completely changed that. We now know that our brain is like a muscle and our mind can be trained to improve intelligence, learn new skills, be kinder, be happier and be more content. 

For the past 10 years, the Mind & Its Potential conference has been at the forefront of this exciting new frontier of science. It is a conference like no other, bringing together world-leading scientists, psychologists and educators, as well as ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

As Dr Cayoun is a conference speaker, our MiCBT contacts are entitled to a 20% discount on fees. 

·      Book before 31 July and save $380 off the full 2 day conference fee and $480 off the full 3 day gold pass fee.

·      Book before 18 September and save $300 off the full 2 day conference fee and  $380 off the full 3 day gold pass fee.

Book online using VIP code SPEAKER or call (02) 8719 5118 to register    


  • Tony Buzan, UK, inventor of the Mind Map and world-renowned expert in the fields of creativity, leadership and thinking
  • Jeffrey M Schwartz MD, USA, leading neuroplasticity researcher and co-author of You Are Not Your Brain
  • Professor Toni Noble, leading teacher, educator and psychologist
  • Joe Williams, proud Wiradjuri Aboriginal man, world champion boxer and former NRL player
  • Dr Helena Popovic, medical doctor and leading authority on brain plasticity in relation to obesity
  • Dr Amantha Imber, creativity and innovation psychologist and best-selling author
  • Jared Cooney Horvath, co-founder of The Education Neuroscience Initiative
  • Patrick Hollingworth, leadership expert and high-altitude mountaineer
  • Dr Tim Sharp, leading positive psychologist and founder of The Happiness Institute 
  • ... plus many more incredible minds!  

MiCBT Applied Course - new dates!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

New MiCBT Applied Course dates just added. Commencing early September, these courses are specifically designed for mental health therapists who have already completed an MiCBT Foundation Course.

04-Sep-2015 AC040915: MiCBT Applied (12 weeks) Online CANADA Fridays Places: Available

05-Sep-2015 AC050915: MiCBT Applied (12 weeks) Online CANADA Saturdays Places: Available

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